Small Town Fun

We took a weekend trip to Downeast Maine today. After a fun hike up Mt Battie in Camden, we were driving to our hotel and were shocked to see the giant flames on the beach below.

We pulled in and found most of the town (young and old) encircling this bonfire. It was such a nice surprise. It turns out this is an annual tradition to kick off winter here.

It was nice to see the town come together & have a fun moment together in the outdoors!


Camping at Flagstaff Lake

In September we spent a night camping at one of Round Barn’s remote campsites. The campsites are first come first serve and right next to Flagstaff Lake.

An easy 2.5 hour drive from Portland, we had timed our trip perfectly to coincide with the fall foliage. We arrived early on a Saturday & had our choice of sites. We chose a great one that was beachside!

Alex took his kayak out. We fished. Our spot was at the base of Bigelow which allowed for ample hiking opportunities. The campsites were also far enough apart that you couldn’t hear your neighbors.

We enjoyed fine dining of hot dogs & beans and slept under the stars. We highly recommend this camp spot!

Flagstaff & Bigelow Info

Best Hiking Leash



The Ruffwear Flat Out Leash is our go-to favorite for all of our outdoor adventures with Millie.  It’s so convenient – you simply slide the sizer to the right fit, clip the leash around your waist, and you’re off!  It’s easy to clean and very fairly priced.  We’ve had ours for over 2 years going (great quality!).  I highly recommend this for anyone looking to have hands-free outdoor adventures with their dogs!

Ruffwear Leash


It’s true what they say…

Time flies when you’re having fun!


On September 16th, 2017 I married my best friend.  The wedding was in small oceanside town called Friendship in Maine on the rock you see in the picture above (behind the sailboat – at low tide it’s accessible).

Everything about the day was perfect.  We had our closest friends and immediate family as well as our dog Millie.  I’ll go into more details on the event in a later post.  Today I’m thinking about how busy our life has been, which is why this blog has been quiet.

Alex will graduate with his MBA in December after three years of hard work.  He started a new full-time role this summer with a start-up in Portland.  I finished a big project at work in September.  We planned and executed our dream wedding (on a budget!) over 9 months this year.  I will finish a graduate certificate program this December.  In the midst of it all, we made time to get outdoors as much as we could – camping, hiking, and just exploring.  2017 has been an amazing and memorable year.

As the year end nears (and we continue to meet big life milestones) I will be looking back at highlights from our life.  And as 2018 approaches, I’d like to make sure I’m present and engaged – living in each moment (not rushing to the next one), because life is a beautiful journey (especially with Millie and Alex by my side).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Poland Spring Resort… more than just golf!

It was a cool, crisp Fall day in Maine. Looking for something new and interesting to do with our pup Millie, I searched our trusty guide ( Curiosity caught my eye at the Poland Spring Preservation Park and we took off.

Located near Gray, ME (a short 30-min car ride from Portland) we were excited to drive through the welcome gate. Once inside history really did come to life! We were able to explore the very first bottling plant (opened in 1907) as well as an expansive array of nature trails. Great news on the trails also – they’re posted (so no hunting!).

I highly recommend this park for anyone looking for a fun family adventure.

ME Trail Finder – Poland Spring

Tiny House Dreaming

My family has a goal in life unlike many others.  We desire to go tiny.  It just makes sense – we enjoy each others’ company and are always within 50 ft of each other in our current 1100 sq ft home.  We don’t desire to have a lot of materialistic things.  We both wear the same 5 outfits on repeat.  And there’s a lot of financial independence that comes with tiny.

It’s been eye-opening to see how many people are against our idea, but it’s not discouraging.  To each their own right? We are hoping to have a plan in place in the next 2 years.  Alex graduates with his MBA in December & once we know where he’s working full time we’ll kick things up a notch.

Stay tuned for our tiny house adventure!

Millie’s ACL Recovery 

Last winter our pup Millie tore her ACL.  I have no idea how this happened (she just started limping one day), but knew we had to get it fixed.  Our family lives to be active & Millie’s a part of every adventure.  In early February Millie had her surgery.  The vet repaired her ACL & sent her home with orders to basically sit still for the next 12 weeks.  How in the world would we do that with a very active Cocker Spaniel?

The answer? Sedatives! Poor Millie has gotten a PB treat that surprisingly makes her sleepy practically every morning since. We’re now on the home stretch of her recovery (Week 10!) and she’s doing great.  She’s not allowed off-leash until the end of April but is putting her full weight on the leg.  Here we were on a road trip last weekend. 

As winter hopefully finally says good bye in Maine, we’re looking forward to more active adventures with our girl soon. 

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