Millie’s ACL Recovery 

Last winter our pup Millie tore her ACL.  I have no idea how this happened (she just started limping one day), but knew we had to get it fixed.  Our family lives to be active & Millie’s a part of every adventure.  In early February Millie had her surgery.  The vet repaired her ACL & sent her home with orders to basically sit still for the next 12 weeks.  How in the world would we do that with a very active Cocker Spaniel?

The answer? Sedatives! Poor Millie has gotten a PB treat that surprisingly makes her sleepy practically every morning since. We’re now on the home stretch of her recovery (Week 10!) and she’s doing great.  She’s not allowed off-leash until the end of April but is putting her full weight on the leg.  Here we were on a road trip last weekend. 

As winter hopefully finally says good bye in Maine, we’re looking forward to more active adventures with our girl soon. 

#ACLsurgery #ACL #CockerSpaniel #Maine


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