Tiny House Dreaming

My family has a goal in life unlike many others.  We desire to go tiny.  It just makes sense – we enjoy each others’ company and are always within 50 ft of each other in our current 1100 sq ft home.  We don’t desire to have a lot of materialistic things.  We both wear the same 5 outfits on repeat.  And there’s a lot of financial independence that comes with tiny.

It’s been eye-opening to see how many people are against our idea, but it’s not discouraging.  To each their own right? We are hoping to have a plan in place in the next 2 years.  Alex graduates with his MBA in December & once we know where he’s working full time we’ll kick things up a notch.

Stay tuned for our tiny house adventure!


Millie’s ACL Recovery 

Last winter our pup Millie tore her ACL.  I have no idea how this happened (she just started limping one day), but knew we had to get it fixed.  Our family lives to be active & Millie’s a part of every adventure.  In early February Millie had her surgery.  The vet repaired her ACL & sent her home with orders to basically sit still for the next 12 weeks.  How in the world would we do that with a very active Cocker Spaniel?

The answer? Sedatives! Poor Millie has gotten a PB treat that surprisingly makes her sleepy practically every morning since. We’re now on the home stretch of her recovery (Week 10!) and she’s doing great.  She’s not allowed off-leash until the end of April but is putting her full weight on the leg.  Here we were on a road trip last weekend. 

As winter hopefully finally says good bye in Maine, we’re looking forward to more active adventures with our girl soon. 

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Cheers to 10 Years (Cancer Free!)

It’s actually been 10 years and 3 months now (better late than never?) – but still a big milestone.  I’ll never forget that time in my life.  I had just graduated college and was on my own for the first time.  A routine physical where my doctor found a lump on my neck (which I’m pretty sure I had for at least 10 years before that) set me off on a 6 month whirlwind of tests, doctors, and a lot of uncertainty.  One doctor felt it “definitely wasn’t cancer” while a 2nd opinion was “positive it was”.  Finally a decision was made for surgery and to make the cancer call while I was under.  In December 2006 I had my total thyroid removed and learned when I woke up, that I had Stage 1 Papillary Cancer at the ripe “old age” of 22.  I have been very lucky since that day.  I had 1 round of radioactive iodine treatment the next month to ensure the cancer was gone.  Since then I’ve really had no significant problems – I check-in w/my endocrinologist every year.  My levels and subsequently my meds have been adjusted on occasion, but otherwise I’m living my life.

This gets to my new blog.  To me, being a cancer survivor was a wake-up call.  A 2nd chance at life and to make sure I’m enjoying each moment.  Ever since that day I try to start each day with a smile (because I’m happy & healthy!) and enjoy each moment (because you never know what tomorrow will bring). I had been capturing my adventures with a few photos on Facebook.  I’m test-driving the idea of blogging about them instead as it’s on my bucket list to write a children’s book some day.

Let’s get this party started!