Best Hiking Leash



The Ruffwear Flat Out Leash is our go-to favorite for all of our outdoor adventures with Millie.  It’s so convenient – you simply slide the sizer to the right fit, clip the leash around your waist, and you’re off!  It’s easy to clean and very fairly priced.  We’ve had ours for over 2 years going (great quality!).  I highly recommend this for anyone looking to have hands-free outdoor adventures with their dogs!

Ruffwear Leash



Cheers to 10 Years (Cancer Free!)

It’s actually been 10 years and 3 months now (better late than never?) – but still a big milestone.  I’ll never forget that time in my life.  I had just graduated college and was on my own for the first time.  A routine physical where my doctor found a lump on my neck (which I’m pretty sure I had for at least 10 years before that) set me off on a 6 month whirlwind of tests, doctors, and a lot of uncertainty.  One doctor felt it “definitely wasn’t cancer” while a 2nd opinion was “positive it was”.  Finally a decision was made for surgery and to make the cancer call while I was under.  In December 2006 I had my total thyroid removed and learned when I woke up, that I had Stage 1 Papillary Cancer at the ripe “old age” of 22.  I have been very lucky since that day.  I had 1 round of radioactive iodine treatment the next month to ensure the cancer was gone.  Since then I’ve really had no significant problems – I check-in w/my endocrinologist every year.  My levels and subsequently my meds have been adjusted on occasion, but otherwise I’m living my life.

This gets to my new blog.  To me, being a cancer survivor was a wake-up call.  A 2nd chance at life and to make sure I’m enjoying each moment.  Ever since that day I try to start each day with a smile (because I’m happy & healthy!) and enjoy each moment (because you never know what tomorrow will bring). I had been capturing my adventures with a few photos on Facebook.  I’m test-driving the idea of blogging about them instead as it’s on my bucket list to write a children’s book some day.

Let’s get this party started!